You are probably looking at the above image of me and thinking that something is not quite right. Yes, it's true that I am uncharacteristically using my left hand in this photo. In my defense, it's the last known good picture of me with my face in it. 
I believe I was eight when my father rented an office and attempted to start a magazine about the rise of hispanic culture in America. His efforts didn't pan out for him but they were the beginning of my deep and forever interest in magazines and books.
My father also put on a blood-less bullfight in Pico Rivera, California a few years later. I learned then just how resplendently angry a 2,400 pound bull can get when you slap at it with a red cape for hours under a hot sun. I also learned just how tragically slow humans are when being hunted by an angry bull in an enclosed space. This was the beginning of my deep and forever interest in staying away from bulls.
Over the years I've done a fair amount of writing, drawing and graphic design. I choose to focus on work for print as much as possible these days because it gives me the greatest professional joy and satisfaction. So if you have a print project (a magazine or heavily illustrated book, perhaps) that needs an experienced graphic designer then I could be the right-handed anti-bull guy for you.

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