I am a graphic designer who writes and draws as needed. It would be an understatement to say that I have had a strong interest in comic books for most of my life. My first comic book series was It’s Science with Dr. Radium (SLG Publishing, 1986), which I wrote and drew. It was eventually sold to Fox for a possible afternoon cartoon series. I had a stint writing for Disney’s comic book department. I wrote, drew, and designed comic book-related material for SLG Publishing (a feisty independent) off-and-on for nearly twenty-five years. For nearly a decade I handled design and production of promotional magazines and souvenir books for Comic-Con International and WonderCon. Currently, I design for and write a regular pop culture column for RetroFan magazine (TwoMorrows, 2018–present). 
What I’ve really enjoyed is writing humorously about comic books over the years. I created Comic Book Heaven (1995-1998), a fanzine about the weirdness of comics. Nine issues of a more ambitious second volume of Comic Book Heaven plus a hard cover were published by SLG (1999-2004). I was also invited to do several one-hour presentations of Comic Book Heaven material at Comic-Con and WonderCon.
I am married with two fully employed adult offspring. We have five rescue cats.
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